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Mozilla Development Environment for Emacs (MDEE)

For the last few weeks I have been hard at work trying to get a working copy of NewsMonster (another Mozilla project I am working on) ready to be used by the masses. This means that all of the issues reported by users are going to need to be resolved which means I need solid Mozilla integration.

The only problem is that I am spoiled by the excellent IDE support within Emacs for Java thanks to the JDEE project . There really isn't a lot of support within Emacs for Mozilla technologies (Javascript, XPCOM, XUL, etc).

To that end the MDEE project has been created to develop integration within Emacs for Mozilla. When complete this will resemble a very advanced Smalltalk Environment and IDE with full debugging support, variable introspection, dynamic source evaluation, and class browsing.

Here is where we are:

The mdee project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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